Financial and Banking Literacy for Business Women (Free Training)

Skills Bank in cooperation with CHF offers a free training workshop Financial awareness for women entrepreneurs and business women Financial Literacy and Banking Knowledge - FREE Workshops
The training takes place on two days by professional trainers and practical applications that help grow their business It covers the following points:

Day 1

- How do we do business?

•  The concept of commercial business and business projects
•  Legal forms of establishing a business in Egypt
•  Financial management of a successful business
•  Various practical applications

Day 2

- Commercial banking services and requirements for effective management?

•  The Egyptian banking system and the nature of the work of commercial banks
•   Basic banking services for small and medium enterprises
•  Banking products for small and medium enterprises
•  Banking requirements to increase access to bank financing
•  Different practical Exercise 

Selection criteria for female trainees:

• Women with companies or projects
• Women run businesses
• Women doing business and intending to formally register their work
• The attendance rate for men does not exceed 20%.

Benefits of attending training:

• Original Material and Certificate to your Home Door

• You will be eligible if selected to attend the Advanced Training like ( Marketing, Visability Study & Financial Management)

• Can support you if selected and meet the criteria  by max 2000 $ for different services like Marketing, IT, HR and Legal